A New Adventure - that's as simple as 1-2-3

Party ZAN tomorrow's magic drink available today. Maximum convenience and pleasure without waste. Welcome to a world of flavor in your pocket. Pour cold water in a glass, add content to the water, stir and voila!  We submit our humble challenge to your discriminating taste.


Picture of pouring water into a glass.

1. Pour water… tap, bottled, sparkling for more pizzazz… whatever you like, into a glass, cup, flask, pitcher – you get it – whatever’s at hand.

You're ready for step 2.

Add Packet Contents

Picture of pouring SwiftAlc powder alcohol into the glass of water.

2. Open Party ZAN packet and add contents to the water.

Shaken or stirred, have it your way. In seconds it materializes before your eyes into a delicious, refreshing beverage. Bye bye bottle openers and corkscrews.

Party ZAN packaging is light and convenient. It slips easily into a corner of your pocket, purse, bag, backpack, picnic basket… it’s just so easy to take anywhere. Say goodbye to bulky bottles, awkward cans and excess baggage. Simple, isn’t it?

Next; the fun step…


Picture of lady enjoying a cocktail made with swiftalc powdered alcohol.

3. Simple, fast and, most of all, refreshing.

And there’s more. Party ZAN comes in 3 flavors with new flavors always on the way. This amazing, refreshing alcoholic* beverage is simply revolutionary.

Get creative and bring out the mixologist in you to magic-up your own inspired cocktails. The sky’s the limit.

How can anything be so good? There's only one way - try for yourself.